Our Top 10 Strongest Cannabis/Weed Strains

For a cannabis lover, the search for the most potent cannabis strain is often marred by many trials and error. Smokers continually search for that cannabis strain that will lift them above their to...

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The Medical Benefits of Cannabis

The Medical Benefits of CannabisOver the years, numerous efforts have gone into identifying the medical benefits of using cannabis. There are two active chemicals in marijuana that researchers bel...

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How to Dry and Cure Cannabis

How to Dry and Cure Cannabis Your buds are ready for harvest, now what’s next? The last and final step in growing and harvesting weed is curing. Curing a cannabis harvest is a very important proces...

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How to Start Growing Cannabis

How to Start Growing Cannabis We do not condone the production of cannabis where it is Illegal. Countries such as the Netherlands allow up to 5 Home plants but the law varies around the world. Ple...

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The Rise of the Cannabis Industry

The Rise of the Cannabis Industry As international distribution agreements are made across the globe, the global cannabis industry continues to grow and become more and more competitive. According...

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The Importance Of A Good Bong

Clearly, the most important use of a bong is to hold water and draw smooth hits from hash or weed. A bong generally helps to filter the smoke and cool the heat. Thus, the smoke inhaled has a favora...

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